Riley B. Grady

Contact Information:


Background Information

Riley is a first-year graduate student in Experimental Psychology from Palatine, Illinois. She earned her B.S. in Forensic Psychology from Western Illinois University (WIU), where she was a member of Dr. Kathy McGuire and Dr. Kimberley McClure’s Laboratory for the Investigation of Psychology and Law. While at WIU, Riley worked with Dr. McClure on a project examining soldiers’ memory for a simulated combat experience and she did her honors thesis on nervous laughter with Dr. Colin Harbke. Riley’s interest in forensic developmental psychology emerged when she began reviewing cases from the Innocence Project.

Research Interests

Riley has a variety of research interests all related to children in the legal system. She is particularly interested in children viewing lineups and how to improve that process, normal sexual behavior in children, and rapport building during interviews with children.