Dr. Laura Melnyk, Dr. Maggie Bruck, Dr. Kamala London, Kristina Todorovic

Kristina Todorovic presented a paper on children’s memory for previously seen people and objects as well as their memory for actions completed following a 10-month delay from the original staged event at the 2019 Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition in Cape Cod, MA.

Child Interviewing Workshop

Along with her graduate students Dr. London gave a two-day workshop at the University of Bonn, Germany on child interviewing. The workshop covered topics in reliability, credibility, competence, suggestive techniques to avoid, proper interviewing techniques, and how to review case files.

Dr. Kamala London, Quincy Miller
Christina Perez, Kristina Todorovic
Kristina Todorovic, Dr. Kamala London, Christina Perez, Quincy Miller
Quincy Miller, Christina Perez, Kristina Todorovic